What You Need To Know Before Buying A Portable Air Conditioner

portable air conditioner

Portable Air Conditioner (ac) is becoming more and more popular these days. The obvious reasons are its portability and ease of installation. Plug into the power point, place the exhaust hose outside the window to vent out hot air, switch it ON and you are ready to cool!

Portable Air Conditioner Basic

Portable ACs usually come in 9,000BTU, 12,000BTU and 18,000BTU using either R22 or R410a refrigerants. All portable ac need to drain water every 1-2months time, usually located behind the equipment.

What should you do before buying a Portable Air Con?

1. Ensure that the area that you are going to cool has availability of power point.

2. Locate a place around the same area to vent out the exhaust hose which is approximately 15cm in diameter. It is ideal to vent out through a sliding window.

Who should buy Portable Air Con?

Offices usually buy Portable AC for emergency use. There are places in the office that need 24 hours air-conditioning without fail. Places such as the Server room or Warehouse. Therefore, when the main air-conditioner is down, the portable ac comes into place.

Home users use portable ac to cool a particular area, such as the living room where family members usually gathered, instead of installing a high horse power air conditioner to cool the whole living room as it is more cost-effective.

Tenants who rent a place which does not have an air conditioner can consider getting a portable air conditioner. Having your own air conditioner can save the hassle of maintaining the air conditioner provided by the owner.

Students who are staying in school hostel for a short period of time (4-5years) may want to get a portable ac. After he/she graduated from school, he/she can still bring the air conditioner back for home usage.


There are so many reasons to buy a portable aircon whether you are a home user, a tenants or even a student. It is the fastest way to cool your place whether it is due to your main air conditioner break down or you need it to cool a temporary place. It is definitely a must to get!

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