Air Conditioning Repair Service Pricing

Below are some of the common Air Conditioning Repair Service pricing. Do note that the pricing here are all estimated. 

Air Conditioning Repair Service Pricing (Cleaning/Maintenance)

Chemical Aircon Service completely clean & sanitize your aircon unit. View detail price

General Aircon Service consist of minor cleaning of your fan coil unit. To upkeep the cleanliness of your aircon. View detail price

General/Chemical Wash Condenser helps to improve on the overall aircon cooling efficiency. Pro-long compressor lifespan & save electricity.
General Fr. $30 per unit
Chemical Fr. $90 per unit.

R22/R410A Top Up Service
R22 $30 per fan coil
R410A $40 per fan coil
Price will be cost much more if gas level is extremely low.

Air Conditioning Repair Service Pricing  (Spare Parts Replacement)


Temperature sensor function is to detects the room and outdoor temperature.Once this device is faulty. it would not be able to carry out any temperature analysis. This part is not brand dependant.
Fr. $150 (indoor/outdoor)

Infra-red signal receiver

Infra-red signal receiver function is to receive infra-red signal from the remote control. It is brand and model dependant.
Fr. $168

aircon running capactior

Compressor's Running Capacitor (Dual) function is to help to kick start the compressor during start-up. Capacitor with combine fan's capacitor into one will cost more. This item is not brand dependant. .
Fr. $160

aircon fan motor

Indoor/outdoor fan motor replacement. When you hear loud noise or your fan stops working. Is time to replace your fan motor. This item is brand and model dependant.

$250 - $380 (Estimate)

Swing Louver Motor is a small motor to control the louver or the flap. Avoid moving the flap by hand.
Fr. $160

condensate water pump

Condensate water pump. If you faced alot of water leaking issue due to the way the drain pipe is run. You will need to pressurise the water.
Fr. $220