Portable Air-conditioner Singapore

Portable air conditioner is getting its popularity in Singapore. For efficient spot cooling portable aircon is an ideal machine. If you are prohibited to install a regular air conditioner, portable aircon is your answer!

Whether is in your office, or bed room, or living room, any place which you need additional cooling, you can opt for a portable air con. In an office using centralized system where aircon will be shut down automatically after 6pm. When your employees are doing over-time, having a portable aircon can be highly effective to supplement your central system temporary.

Portable air-conditioner is installation hassle free and do not require permanent installation. All you need is a window for vent and a power point and you are ready to cool! It also had the advantage of mobility; they have wheels or coasters to enable you to move the unit wherever you need the cooling.

Compared to window air conditioning units and casement air conditioner units this is the latest system available in the market. There are a variety of models available in different sizes of BTU, 9000BTU, 12000BTU and 18000BTU. As portable air conditioner are very competitive, you had choose the best air conditioner that suits your requirement.

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