Guide in choosing the Best Portable Air-Conditioner in Singapore

portable air-conditioner singapore

Best Portable Air-conditioner

Is there such thing as the Best Portable Air-conditioner? Whether the portable air-con is from Europace, Trend, TCL and so on. All portable air-con works the same way. They are portable, ease of installation and they cool

There are so many brands of portable air-con in the market to choose from. But how are we going to choose the portable air conditioner that is suitable for the area we intend to cool and what are the slight competitive edge over the rest of the portable air conditioner.

Here are some of simple guidelines which you can consider while shopping for your portable air-con.


Some brands manufactured portable aircon from OEM while some of them have its own factory to manufacture their own brand of portable aircon. Portable aircon that are non-OEM are usually built in better quality compared to the OEM ones. So you should check with the salesman whether it have a factory in China specially manufacture that particular brand. Don’t bother about the word, “Made in China” because most products are made from there nowadays.

Local Office

Do check that this particular brand has an office located in Singapore. This makes it easier for you when your portable aircon had broke down. They should have technician support and parts availability. You can easily check this by googling the brand name and maybe just do a simple call to their local office. 

R410A Freon

Be it split unit air-con system, portable air-con, ceiling cassette. By now, all types of air-con should be using R410A freon according to Montreal Protocol. If you happen to came across a portable air-con which still using R22 freon, this product is definitely an old model. Do a quick check the portable aircon specification table, making sure that the aircon is using R410A Freon. Older model usually uses R22 Freon and the newer model usually uses R410A. In terms of cooling, portable aircon using R410A cools better than the one using R22 Freon.

Amount of Horsepower (BTU)

Portable air-conditioner comes in different amount of horsepower, also known as BTU (British thermal unit). It is important to get the aircon with the correct BTU size for your room because getting the aircon with smaller BTU will not be able to cool your designated room properly while getting a too big BTU will end up using more electricity inefficiently. As a guideline, 12,000BTU is sufficient to cool a common bedroom and 18,000BTU or higher for living room. For places with hot equipment, e.g servers room or kitchen or places with a lots of human activites. Is always best to go for the 20,000BTU air-con.


Some brands provide additional function/technology which differentiates itself from other competitors. One example is, TCL portable air-conditioner which has a patented fogging technology (does not need to drain water).