Australian Small Business Owner Living in Singapore

by Mus d Abdullah

I found hintech website sifting through all the forums on portable a/c's.

A lot of people complaining about their a/c's they bought were not big enough cause they after the 400 special.
I knew myself as a mechanically minded person that it is better to own a V8 to pull heavy things, oppose to a V6.

This is the case here with the 18000.

The room we are cooling is a 25-30 sq metre room of a rectangle design. This a/c will do the job for sure.
Even if our room was smaller, I would still buy this model. At least it would not have to work as hard.

We bought ours 4 months ago...and it is going strong. The dehumidifier is awesome. Its a very cold blowing the point it actually gets too cold. Hahaha.

This is not a solicited review or paid review or nor did we receive any discount.

The owner also has a device to locate a/c's gas leaks. The device is built in Australia so its good. Our main a/c had a leak...and is over 12 years instead of spending 4000 to replace entire system, we decided on this short term fix.

The only thing I recommend is putting the unit up off the floor a bit and use a separate small fish tank tube to the 3L a cordial bottle, which u place on the floor right next to it. That way you just have to empty bottle and no need to move 50 kilos and move it to drain the a/c's internal water.

One thing...dont forget to empty water or a/c will shut off.

Thank you Hintech for such a great Italian Designed unit, specifically designed for Singapore conditions.

I highly recommend the TCL 18 CPA/D 18000 BTU unit to cool any room up to 25-30 sq mtrs.


Hi Mus d Abdullah,

Thank you for your submission.

TCL 18 CPA/D 18000 BTU has a Patented Fogging Technology, efficient auto water evaporation, which mean that No drainage is required !

You do not have to worry about drainage off the internal water to a 3L water bottle.

Have a nice weekend ahead !


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