Why Did My Aircon Switched 
On and Off By Itself?

Your Aircon turning on and off?

The weather is hot, but the cool breeze from the aircon  provides a comfortable feeling in the room. Suddenly, the aircon turns off only to turn on while checking it. It irritates. Faulty air conditioning systems results to this problem. Hire a certified repair technician to fix the problem before it worsens. 

Possible Causes

#Sleep mode features or an energy saver: An air conditioner with sleep-mode features and a unit that comes with an energy saver, will go on and off to help converse on energy. Read the unit’s manual and the instructions if this happens. Turn off the feature for a couple of days and if the problem continues to occur, hire an air conditioner repair technician. If the problem doesn’t occur again, turn on the energy saving mode for the benefit.

 #Dirty compressor: The heat produced by the air conditioner has to escape, but if the air conditioner is dirty and clogged, the way of escape is blocked, hence the heat causes an overheat. In this condition, the safety switch is triggered to turn off the machine and after cooling down, it turns on by itself. To prevent this problem, clean the compressor and the coil to pave way for the heat to escape.

 #Low in Refrigerant: If the unit doesn’t have enough refrigerant in the system, the air conditioner will turns off after you had turn it on for a while. 

 #Electric circuit board problem: If the air conditioner has a problem with the electric circuit board, components of the unit like the fan coil stops working efficiently, hence over heating. Hire an expert to fix the electric circuit board problem before it worsens.

Should you ever try to repair it by yourself?

The answer is definitely, No. Cleaning the compressor, the coil and the filter sound easy and you may be tempted to do the repair to save the expenses. Bear in mind that a lot of damage is caused if this is not done with care and no skill. Don’t try to mess with the inner components of the aircon if you have no knowledge on how to repair or you have no qualifications. Hirer an air conditioner repair technician to prevent harm to you and the unit itself. The unit has wires containing low voltage that can’t be avoided unless they are recognized.


From the above discussed reasons causing the air conditioner to turn off and on, it’s important to keep it neat and to seek quality services to solve the problems arising. The quality of the purchased air conditioner determines the cost of maintenance, durability of the machine and the quality of services the machine offers. For these reasons, consult an air conditioner experts for advice on the best argon to purchase.