Use your Air Conditioning Units to Control Your Asthma

What does the doctor say about the use your Air Conditioning Units to Control Your Asthma. Doctor advice, if airborne pollens and molds trigger your asthma, close your windows and use your air conditioning unit can reduce the exposure. 

This is very true as all the air conditioner units come with filters which helps to reduce the particles in the air and also helps to eliminate the growth of algae and mold by keeping the environment dry. 

The air flow of the unit work like these:

• Bringing in the outdoor air into the unit. 

• Passing through filter, coil and to the blower.

• Dust trapped in the filter, coil and the blower.

• Some remaining dust may go out into the environment.

This air flow cycle keeps on going which circulating the air in your environment and eventually go to your lung which may contain pollen and molds, this problem lies in lack of upkeep for your air conditioner.  You may also have the risk of an asthma attack.

Prevent from making it worse; please stop doing General Service (Basic Cleaning) on your air-conditioner. This is what happens. When doing a General Service, the air-con man will brush the dust off the blower which then loosens the dust particle. So when you switch on the air-conditioner, the dust particle will went into the environment.  

Instead you should do a air-con chemical every once a year. In doing your own maintenance, you should have your ac air filter taken out to clean it every 2 weeks and keeping the cleanness of your environment.

Both your health and also the mechanical life of your system will be greatly affect, if dust stay inside your unit for too long. Whether you have a new or old unit, it is probably time for you to call in a professional air-conditioning company to do a clean up.

Being active in the maintenance of your air conditioner could save you from experiencing a major asthma attack. Cleanness of your air-con provide quality air for your home.