Air Conditioning Self Maintenance

Air-Conditioning Self Maintenance is often neglected by most people. Since air-conditioning is one of the most expensive appliance in the household, consumer should learn to maintain their air-con units in order to prolong the equipment life span. In this way, it also saved cost in long time. Most people will start to call for Aircon service when their Aircon started to face problem, for example water leaking, smell and etc..

When it happened, it is already too late as your Aircon unit has been running in higher consumption for a period of time. This mean that, due to the dirt stuck in your Aircon unit, the compressor is running 2-3 times harder than normal, just to bring the temperature low in your room. This cause your compressor to shorten its life span.

Air-Conditioning Self Maintenance

Before you get the air-con professional to your place, why don't you learn some basic air conditioning maintenance yourself? Here are some of the maintenance that you as the consumer can do it yourself.

  • Air-conditioner Unit Cover
    It will be great if you know how to take out the cover to wash it. If not, just use a vacuum cleaner or a cloth to clean the cover without removing it. 

  • Air Filters
    Clean the filter with water every weeks. You can use any kinds of soaps found in your bath room and scrub it with brush. Dry it with cloth before placing it back to your air-con unit.

  • Evaporator Coil
    Using a vacuum clean with a brush head attachment, lightly clean in the same direction as the aluminum fins. If you are not confident in doing this, please leave the cleaning for the professional. It is because if you clean the fins too hard, the fins might bend and affect your air-con blowing strength. 

  • Drainage Pipe
    Go and locate the drainage pipe, usually in your toilet, then using your vacuum cleaner to suck out all the dirt. It may take up some time if your aircon is badly choked. 

  • Outdoor Unit
    Use a hose and spray small pressure water through the condenser coil. It is best to do it during rainy days.

    Hope that you has learn the air conditioning maintenance and implement them right away! I'm sure that once you have done the above, you can definitely reduce your utility bills and pro-long your air conditioner equipment.

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