Clean Your
Air-Conditioning Filters !

All of the air conditioning systems use air conditioning filters as the one and only protection against dust from going into the coil fins and to the fan blower. This is what happen when dust went into your air-conditioner units...

When the air conditioner units are switched on, the air from the environment will be sucked into the air conditioner units and the bigger dust particles will be trapped onto the filters while the smaller dust particles will still pass through the it and this causes a layer of dust to be formed on the coil fins.

The coil fins produce condensate water when the air conditioners
units are running and when the water mixed with the dust, it formed a jelly like substance which clogged drainage pipe and cause water leaking to occur. The dust will also trapped on the blower roller wheel resulting in low air flow.

The importance of cleaning the air filter is often neglected by more people and yet it is the most simplest and important step to be taken in taking care of the equipment. By just spending 5-10 minutes, to take down and clean the filter every 2 weeks can improve the efficiency of the air conditioning unit.

Cleaning of air-conditioning filters are easy. Take it down and bring it to wash it with water. Brushes and soap may be need to scrub out the stubborn dust. Follow by drying it with a cloth. Put it back to the air conditioner original position.

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