Why Air Conditioner Smells and How You Get Rid of It

Many home owners at some time should experienced the unbearable air conditioner smells, especially during the initial start-up of the aircon. This smell is an indication of mold growth in the aircon due to lack of servicing for a long period. This issue is easily ignored by many people but this smell coming out from your aircon can make you sick. For the health of your family members, it is really important to pay attention to it.

Why Air Conditioner Smells

Singapore is typically hot through the year and when the aircon is clog with water, it became a potential breeding ground for bacteria. Air conditioner smells will occurred when there are molds growth in the aircon. It should be treated immediately as this can leads to serious health issue especially to those who has breathing problems, such as asthma. Asthma patient stayed in a room for a period of time with smelly aircon can easily triggered severe asthma attack. Some report claimed that it can even leads to Legionnaire's Disease which affect your reparatory system. Symptoms include headaches and muscle aches, chills and fever.

5 Simple Steps to Improve Home Air Quality

Keeping your home cleanliness is also as important to maintain an overall healthy indoor air quality in your premises.

· To clean the floor. Use a strong suction vacuum cleaner  with a HEPA filter can effectively remove allergens like pet dander and dust mites.

· Keep your home a smoke-free zone. This is considered one of the most important criteria for healthy indoor air quality as secondhand tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals.

· Stay away from artificial/chemical scented products such as, deodorants, air fresheners, furniture polish and etc. Instead, bring in plants like fern, spider plant or aloe vera into the home as it purifiers the air in the home.

· Things that give out odours or foul smell should not be kept in the house for a long period of times, such as garbage, food or dead animals. Also, avoid keeping pets in an aircon room. During aircon operation, all these odours will then be suck and stay into the aircon itself when it is circulating the air. 

·  As mold love moisture so keeping a healthy humidity level is important. A dehumidifier helps to reduce moist level and controls allergens effectively.

Professional Maintenance

To solve air conditioner smells, engage an aircon service technician to do a thorough chemical aircon servicing for that particular aircon. This service consists of comprehensive chemical cleaning to remove stubborn dirts and molds in the aircon. Areas such as, cover, filters, drain pan, coil fins, fan blower should be chemical cleaned. By doing so, not only does it solves smelly aircon issue, it allows your aircon to operate more efficiency, cools faster, prevent aircon water leaking and save electricity. We recommend doing this service on a regular basis so as to maintain a healthy air quality for your family members to breath in. Do engaged a reputable air conditioning company solve air conditioner smells problem.