Air Conditioning Frequent Ask Questions

Here are some of the Air-Conditioning Frequent Ask Questions by our customers. If your questions is not here, feel free to contact us or call us at 96192088.

1. Why is the aircon not cold at all, blowing out warm air ?

If there is no cool air blowing out from the indoor fancoil, the outdoor condenser might not be working. You can call us to troubleshoot your air conditioning.

2. Why is my aircon not cold enough ?

The air conditioning system basically comprises of 2 sections. The indoor fancoil and the outdoor condenser. The indoor fancoil simply act as a blower to dissipate the cooling generated by the outdoor condenser. Most likely your indoor fancoil and outdoor condenser are dirty. Strong blowing + Cold = Ideal Cool Air. Chemical Flush the indoor fancoil and the condenser. From there we will check the Freon level and top-up Freon if necessary.

3. Why is the aircon leaking water?

When the air conditioner is running water condensate in the indoor fancoil will discharge through a draining pipe then to the nearest drain. Water will start to leak when the drainage piping is clogged / choked so the water "back-flow" and causes water leaking. To solve this problem, we recommend Chemical Flushing where thoroughly clean up your air conditioner.

4. How often should I have the air con service?

We recommended that residential air conditioner to do a Chemical Flushing every 10 months and if possible take up a Quarterly Maintenance Contract with us. We have special rate for Chemical Flushing + Maintenance Contract.

5. Can I do my own air con maintenance?

The basic maintenance that is recommended is the cleaning of the air filter and outer panel of the air conditioner every 2 weeks.

6. Why is the air con noisy?

a. Fan motor might be going to be spoil.
b. Indoor blower might be dirty.
c. Loose mounting of component in the air conditioning system.
d. Faulty parts in the air conditioning system.

7. Why is the air con smelly?

The smell comes from bacteria formed by microbes in the warm dark humid environment in the indoor fancoil unit. Do a Chemical Flushing to rectify this problem.

8. What is the different between Chemical Service & Chemical Flushing?

For Chemical Flushing we uses McKenic Alkaine which thoroughly bring out all the dirt in your fan coil fins and blower which maximize the blowing. As for Chemical Service we are doing maintenance cleaning where we use Air-Con Disinfectant to spray on the fins and clean the blower.

9. What types of air con do your company service?

1. Window air conditioner
2. Casement air conditioner
3. Residential split air conditioner
4. Cassette air conditioner
5. Ceiling suspended air conditioner

10. What type of air con services do your company provide?

We provide a full range of air con service. The following are the list:

1. Troubleshooting
2. Chemical Service
3. Chemical Flushing
4. Installation of air conditioning system
6. Yearly contract maintenance

11. What is the advantage of Air Purifying Filter and how often do we have to replace it?

Air Purifying Filter can remove smoking odour, human smell, impurities and harmful particles in the air condition space. Its recommended that the purifying filter is replaced every six months. Leaving dirty air purifying filter in the air conditioning system will affect its cooling performance.

12. Do we need to Chemical Flush the Condenser (outdoors) ?

Yes. You need to Chemical Flush the condenser at least once a year to make sure the air circulation of the unit is not blocked. It can affect the cooling efficiency, a shorter compressor life and higher electrical consumption.

13. Why does ice-forms on the copper pipes of the condenser (outdoor) ?

There are 3 possibilities.

a. Gas leak / Low Gas
b. Dirty fancoil unit
c. The indoor unit blower is not rotating but the condenser is running.

14. Why is the air con switches OFF by itself and the aircon indicator light is blinking / flashing ?

Most of the air conditioner had self-troubshoot. The blinking / flashing of indicator light indicate a troubleshoot code which show is a fault with the air conditioning system. Hence the air conditioner switches off by itself.

15. Why is the air con switches ON and OFF by itself ?

There may be fault with the indoor electronic circuit board. The circuit board control the operation of the indoor fancoil and a damage cause it to lost its operational control. A repair or replacement of the circuit board is necessary.

16. Why is the air conditioner cannot be switch ON using the remote control ?

The fault might lies in the remote controller. Try the remote controller on other fancoil and if it work, your remote controller is fine. The fan coil that is unable switch ON, its sensor might be faulty. A replacement of sensor is necessary.

17.What is the warranty on a new air conditioning system ?

The general warranty given by most manufactures are one (1) year on general parts and five (5) years on compressor.

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