Air Conditioner Maintenance & Service Tips

Air Conditioner Maintenance & Service Tips

It is difficult not to use an air conditioner especially in a hot weather in Singapore.  To ensure that your air conditioner is ready to beat the heat, air conditioner maintenance is the key.  Do you know a few simple measures can ensure the air conditioner works efficiently and longer?

Maintaining the key parts of an air conditioner like the filters, and opting for regular service checks is one way to check your air conditioner is in pristine condition.  Let’s take a look at ways to improve the cooling function of your air conditioner.


 An important component that ensures your air conditioner functions efficiently is filter. You will have to clean it at regular intervals to remove dirt or dust that clogs and obstructs airflow and circulation, hampering the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Besides, when the filters are clogged, air that carries dirt could bypass filters and take to the coil and impair heat-absorption. So, cleaning a clogged filter and replacing a worn out filter should never be postponed. A clean and efficient filter can reduce energy consumption by up to 15%!


 Air conditioning unit will have drain channels and when that is clogged, accumulation of humidity will allow moisture retention, which can further seep into the walls or carpet and cause discoloration. So, drain channels or tubes should be cleaned at regular intervals.


 Evaporator and condenser coils tend to accumulate dirt and dust overtime. Filters help to reduces the accumulation of dust on the coil. Though it will begin to accumulate dirt overtime, it will definitely be less. The accumulated dirt will obstruct the airflow and affecting the coil from hampering heat absorption. Doing a chemical wash on your indoor fancoil and outdoor condenser at least once a year is highly recommended.

 Also, prevent leaving unwanted items near the condenser coils area as it will affect the coil from doing heat exchange thus reduces the efficiency and lifespan of your air-conditioner system.

 Professional for Service Checks

 Even when you can do most of these by yourself with little training or online research, once in six months – a year, a service professional should be called far. Only a trained professional can identify problems and fix them. When your unit is new the service checks can be far and few between.

 A technician will usually check for the following during a service visit:

 Check for refrigerant or coolant levels.

  • Check for leaks or repairs.
  • Cleans filters or work on other components that need repairs or maintenance.
  • Verify if key parts are functioning well and if any parts should be replaced, etc.

 Beside these, they would be doing a series of other checks and tests to ensure your air conditioning unit works efficiently and energy consumption is appropriate. Any air conditioner maintenance or repair work that needs to be done will be brought your attention. When these service checks are done, major repairs can be avoided and your unit will last longer.